How do you create a background gradient in Illustrator?

Tip by sketchoptimist on October 14, 2017

Gradients have become all the rage, haven’t they?

They can give a lot of flare and perspective to your designs. 

So, to begin. Open your illustration, set-up an artboard. 

In the background, there is a large magenta square and the is the illustration is placed in front. 

To access the Gradient Tool (G), go to the Tool Box and find the following icon:

Or, you can go to the main menu at the top of Illustrator and click on Window > Gradient. 

The following dialog box should open:

Click and drag on the artboard, this creates a thick line (which is indicative of the gradient). 

When you release from the click and drag, the gradient will appear: 

Don’t worry, you can change the colors and we will do that now. 

Go to the gradient dialog box and look at the slider at the bottom where it shows the gradient.

To change the shape, you double-click on this white box: 

The color swatches panel will open next to it and you can select the color you want. You can see that here, on the right-hand side:

You repeat the same process on the other slider, here the black was substituted to be neon blue.  

And the end result looks like this:

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