How do you create a perfect circle in Illustrator?

Tip by sketchoptimist on October 8, 2017

Knowing how to make perfectly symmetrical circles can end up serving the basis for many designs and patterns, or simply as details. 

So, to begin, open your artboard. In this example, a base of purple was added. 

To make a circle, select the Ellipse Tool or simply click L on the keyboard and it will automatically become activated. 

So, to make these symmetrical circles, keep this example in mind:

So, to keep things symmetrical, you press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard. Your mouse cursor will change and look like this: 

This means the circles will be symmetrical, as long as you keep holding down the Alt key while you make those circles. 

Then, if you want to make the circles symmetric AND grow/extend outwards from the center point, you add in Shift to the mix. 

So, Alt + Shift + Click and drag (while the Ellipse tool is activated) will give you these concentric circles. 

And then, you can repeat this process over and over again!

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