How do you quickly copy and paste an object in Illustrator?

Tip by sketchoptimist on October 8, 2017

When working all day in Illustrator, any second saved is a second earned. So, learning how to copy and paste quickly will be a huge boost to your workflow. 

So, open your program and objects. 

Then, have the Selection Tool selected or simply click V on your keyboard. 

Then when the Select Tool is working, simply click and hold on to the Alt key

Your cursor will look like this:

Because it suggests symbolically that something is being duplicated. 

Then, to copy, you drag and drop- but all the while you hold on to the Alt key

So, that’s it. You just click, drag and drop and simultaneously hold on to the Alt key. 

You can also copy paste multiple items. 

You simply select all of the ones that you want to copy, and then (when you are ready to copy/paste) you do the same process as before: click, drag, and drop- all the while holding onto the Alt key. 

By having multiple items selected simultaneously, the program will automatically copy all of those that are selected:

and Voila! instead of copy-pasting each little house, you can just select the ones that you want to duplicate and throw in the Alt key. Try it out!

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