How to create outlines of your text in Illustrator

Tip by sketchoptimist on October 1, 2017

Knowing how to create outlines in your text in Illustrator is a must. First of all, it’s an industry standard to know how to do this. Second of all, it lets you manipulate the individual letters, thus enabling you to customize them into logos.

Currently, the only downside is (and maybe this will be eliminated in the future) is that once you outline a text, you can’t return it into a font by the same command. You can’t type and write things out anymore. It stays like an outline, basically a shape with many anchor points.

So, to get started, open your artboard.

Then, go to Window > Type > Character, so that you can begin typing! 

Alternatively, you can just use the command that is associated with the Character option. 

The following dialog box should open:

And you can select the particular typeface and font that are of interest to you. 

Then, begin typing everything out.

Then, you must select everything, simply so that it’s actively selected (and, thus, that is where the outlines will be created). 

Here comes the good part. 

You go to Type > Create Outlines. 

Or you can simply use the assigned shortcut key. 

Now, you will notice that the blue selection goes around the individual letters. This wasn’t the case before. 

To see the individual anchor points, simply use the Direct Selection Tool

And, now, your text will look like there. You will be able to manipulate the width, height, and direction of any anchor point. Also, you will be able to delete and add anchor points at your own will. 


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