How to create Polygons in Illustrator

Tip by sketchoptimist on October 12, 2017

Creating polygons in Adobe Illustrator is really easy because there is a command for it available in the Tool Box. 

To get started, open your artboard. 

Go to the shape tool and click on the little arrow, in order to see all of the options.

You will see Polygon Tool is on that list.

But, it doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut command as the Rectangle or Ellipse Tool do. 

So, click on the Polygon Tool. Then, it will be active. 

Now, click on the artboard and this dialog box will open.

The more sides you select, the more complex your polygon will be.

With 6 sides, you will get a hexagon like this:

 I created two. 

So, that’s how you make a polygon shape using Adobe Illustrator.

Now, you can arrange them and copy/paste them until a large pattern emerges.

To take the design to the next level, I added many colors and fills. 

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