How to create stars in Illustrator

Tip by sketchoptimist on September 30, 2017

Creating stars in Illustrator is both important and easy. 

First of all, what is life without stars?

Second of all, we need stars in our designs to express a multitude of things, from accomplishment to space to a job well done to marking things that require our immediate attention.

Enough said. Stars are important! 

So, let’s get started. Open your artboard. 

Go to the Rectangle Tool as pictured:

Click it and then select the Star Tool. 

After you have it selected, you must click on the artboard and this dialog box will appear:

The radius is in regards to the star’s width and the points are how many angles it will have. The above dialog box will produce a star like this:

And, that is how you make a star. 

But, the real fun comes in when you start working on varieties!

For example, what if we give the star 9 points instead of 5?

Compare and contrast the two stars. Both have the same radius, but one has 9 points (the one on the right that is also selected). 

What if we keep the 9 points, but increase the radius?

Also, you can click and drag. 

When you click and drag. The shape is automatically made with the last settings that you had in. 

(But, to change the settings, you simply click). 

By clicking and dragging, you can make multiple stars of the same kind all very quickly. 

And, lastly, you can add color by selecting one of the stars and then by clicking whichever color you want in the color picker on the right. 

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