iPhone, iPad & browser wireframe templates

Tip by leigh on August 14, 2017

Since we’ve been doing a lot of iOS work lately, we’ve come up with these 11×17 wireframe templates for iPhone and iPad (as well as a web browser one for kicks) to help speed up the sketching process.

While there are a ton of iOS templates floating around the internet, we found that they all were lacking certain features that we find necessary during our wireframe process.

Inside our templates you’ll find fields for the project name and date to keep things organized as well as individual screen names to keep track of where you are in the project. A big part of iOS design is indicating transitions between screens, so we’ve left some space in between each wireframe to let you indicate what that transition is. Under each frame we’ve also includes a couple lines for you to jot down some quick notes if necessary.

If you look carefully inside each frame, you’ll notice that we’ve created a subtle grid to help you line everything up. There are also darker notches that indicate where the typical status bar, nav bar and tab bar lie on each device, as well as where the keyboard is when it’s popped open.



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