How to change the color of a bullet in InDesign

Tip by leigh on April 5, 2017

If you find your bullets are not the same color as your Character Style, make sure you’ve set a Paragraph Style instead. Here’s how to set the color in Adobe InDesign:

  1. Make sure you’ve set your font colors in your ‘Swatches’ panel
  2. Select your bulleted list
  3. Select a color from your ‘Swatches
  4. Open your Paragraph Styles
    • Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles
  5. In the Paragraph Styles panel, click ‘Create new style’ in the bottom right
  6. Done!

If you want to make your text a different color, it’s easy:

  1. Create a ‘Character Style’ for your bullets
  2. Double click your primary Paragraph Style
  3. Click ‘Bullets and Numbering’
  4. Click ‘List Type’ > ‘Bullets’
  5. Click ‘Character Style’ dropdown and select the style you wish


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