How to create a PDF file in InDesign

Tip by bikegypsy on September 17, 2017

 PDF files are some of the most common media tools used today. What makes them so popular is that they are self encapsulating, which means that they contain all the required media and fonts without having to resort to external elements.  They’re often used as presentation tools as they can contain photographs, graphics and videos as well as interactive elements such as hyperlinks. They also resolve many issues when sending  a document to be printed. InDesign allows you to quickly change your ID file into a PDF file, ready to send the printer or to a client.  Note that you have the choice between 2 formats of PDFs; Interactive and Print.

To create a PDF file from an ID file, simply follow these steps:

• In your In Design file, go to the File tab

• Scroll down to Export > This will open an Export window

• In this window, there are a number of export options (as you can see in the featured image of this article). Some of these options include 2 for PDF formats, namelyAdobe PDF (Interactive) and Adobe PDF (Print).  An interactive PDF is a document that you can use for presentations. The ‘interactive’ aspect of these files can be extremely useful; for example, you can can create a table of content where each subject can be clickable and accessed immediately, just like a website.

• Choose the one that is required > You will then have a hosts of options for your PDF file. Note that options are quite different depending which type (Print or Interactive) of PDF file you are creating. Pay particular attention to the image quality (in the Print format, this in the the ‘Compression’ section while in the Interactive format, you’ll control this in “Image Resolution.’

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