How to create a PDF file in InDesign

Tip by ana_zdra on September 5, 2017

Creating a PDF file in InDesign is a really important step to know for many reasons:

  • You may need to share your work with others who may not necessarily own InDesign
  • You want to e-mail it quickly 
  • You want the PDF to serve as a supplement to the actual InDesign files

The list and reasons for creating a PDF go on, but you get the basic picture. 

Creating a PDF can be incredibly simple. 

Under the “File” option of the main-menu you will find a section that reads

  • “Adobe PDF Presets” and below that
  • “Export”

Either of these two will lead you to create your PDF. 

“Adobe PDF Presets” gives you the option of immediately selecting the version you’d like your PDF to be in.

But, if you go the “Export” route, eventually you’ll hit a dialogue box that prompts you to select the version you’d like anyways. 

Whichever of the two you click on, you will see this box:

On the left, are many menu tabs and each has its own plethora of options. (A whole article or guide can be written on the nuances and subtlety of exporting.)

But, if you just want to export something quickly, simply click the “Export” command in the bottom right corner of the box and et voila you’re done. 

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