How to include an image in an InDesign document

Tip by bikegypsy on November 19, 2017

InDesign is the goto application for designing professional page layouts. Wether it’s a book, a PDF file or a poster, InDesign allows you to create artful presentations with precision. Contrary to Illustrator – which is also used to create certain presentations – InDesign’s main strengths are its capacity to create multi page layouts and the advance features that allow complete control over text.

Introducing images in any document can only enhance its general appeal and its capacity to convey an idea. In this article, we’ll see how add photos and graphics to your InDesign file.

1. Prepare your image

InDesign allows great flexibility in regards to resizing an image, but it’s preferable to have a image properly sized in order to minimize the size of the entire document… The larger the images, the larger will the document be. The files types that InDesign accepts are Jpg, PSD, Tiff, PDF and PNG.

2. Add the image

This is a simple process:

· Go to the page you wish to have the image added
· Place the image by going to File and scroll down to Place
· This sequence will open a window from where you can choose the origin folder of your image
· Choose your image and click Open
· The image will appear in a box. You can therefore edict both of these as the box controls the part of the image that will be visible.
3. Edit the image and the image box
· The image box is active when you see a blue frame around the image; the image is active when you see an orange frame. The image box is activated with one click, while the image itself is active when clicking twice.
This image shows the blue frame (one click), indicating that the image box is active:
Image box is active
This image shows the orange frame (two clicks), indicating that the image is active:
· You can resize the image box by clicking in the blue box. This will only resize the box and the image will remain the same. To resize the image itself, first double click on the image in order to activate the image.
· You can also resize both the image box and the image at once. Right click and scroll down to Transform and then Scale.

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