InDesign: control the Text Wrap around an image

Tip by bikegypsy on January 28, 2018

It’s an undeniable fact that images greatly enhance a text or document. In Design offers useful functions that allow us to fine tune all aspects of image use. One of them, called Text Wrap, allows us to control the amount of space around a particular photograph or graphic.

The Text Wrap function allows to control the amount of space between an image and the text when you superimpose this image over the text.

How to control the Text Wrap in InDesign:

1. In your InDesign document, open the Text Wrap panel by going to the Windows tab and scroll down to Text Wrap.

This will open the Text Wrap panel.

Note that there are 5 Text Wrap modes that you can choose from. These modes are illustrated in the Text Wrap panel with 5 icons at the top of the panel.

These modes are: No text wrap, Wrap around bounding box, Wrap around object shape, Jump object and jump to next column. 

For the purpose of this exercise, we’ll utilize the Wrap Around Bounding Box, which is the option that you more likely to use.

2. Right-click on the image for which you want to apply the Text Wrap

3. In the Text Wrap panel, click on the Wrap Around Bounding Box icon which is the second from the left.

4. You can now control the amount of space you wish to have between the image and the surrounding text by entering a value in the each of the 4 boxes for the four directions: Top, Bottom, Right and Left.

Note that you can decide to either synchronize the four sides of the image or to have act independently by clicking of the chain icon in the middle of the Text Wrap panel.

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