How to group layers in Photoshop

Tip by ana_zdra on September 19, 2017

Grouping layers together in Photoshop is extremely easy. So, get ready to learn something incredibly handy and useful for organizing your layers. 

Take a look at the Layers panel on the right. 

Let’s say that I want to put the bottom two layers in a group, in order to keep my workspace more clean and tidy.

I simply select the first layer that I am interested in including in the group. 

Then, I select the second layer that I want to be included by doing the command Shift + Click on the layer of choice.  

Next, with these two layers selected, you click the folder icon located at the bottom of the Layers panel. If you hover your mouse over it, it will say “Create a new group.” 

If you click on that folder (while your layers are selected), a new group with appear in the Layers panel and the relevant layers will be inside of it.


Alternatively, you can always create the group first and then simply drag and drop the layers in there. 

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