How can you set up a featured image for WordPress posts?

Tip by ana_zdra on October 28, 2017

Setting up featured images is incredibly easy, but powerful because it can set the tone for your entire post!

A featured image is simply the first image that appears on the post alongside your post’s title. The appearance and dimensions of the feature image depend on two factors:

1. the dimensions of the image itself

2. the presets of the theme that you are using

Anyways, let’s dive into how to set up a featured image. 

First, open your dashboard and then add in a new post. 

Focus on the right-hand side. Scroll to the bottom of the page, way down. 

Under the Categories section and then under the Tags section, you will find the Featured Image section. 


Click on the “Set featured image” and your Media Library will appear. 

You can select the image you want, if it’s already there. Or, you can simply go to the “Upload Files” tab located at the top-left or you can drag/drop the image in there directly! 

Now, when you click the “Set featured image” you will be redirected back to the blog post and the image will be displayed as a preview. Then, once you publish your blog post, you will see the featured image at the top.

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